No Body, No Communion

Since the Multi-Ministry Taskforce announced the suspension of all religious services and congregations in Singapore on the 24th of March, Christians found themselves unable to assemble for Sunday services in their churches. This is an unprecedented situation for the churches in Singapore and has led many church leaders to take their services online so that some semblance of church life may continue. Services are now either recorded beforehand and put online for viewing on Sundays or are live streamed from the homes of church leaders. Naturally, the problem of having Holy Communion crops up: is it possible to administer this sacrament online as well? Continue reading “No Body, No Communion”

The King of The World

While I was trying to learn more about ancient Assyria on the internet, I chanced upon reports of a fascinating exhibit that was on display in the British Museum last year. The exhibit centred around the Neo-Assyrian King Ashurbanipal who ruled the Assyrian Empire from 668 to 627 BC. It featured numerous artefacts from his royal palace in Nineveh, Iraq (near modern-day Mosul). He was the grandson of the king Sennacherib who attempted to invade Judah during King Hezekiah’s reign (2 Kings 18-9). Continue reading “The King of The World”

The Life Opposed to Death

The raising of Lazarus in the Gospel of John is one of the most significant stories of Jesus’ ministry, not least because it reveals the heart of God for us. While Jesus was in Bethany of Perea, he received news that his dear friend Lazarus in Bethany of Judea was seriously ill. He knew he would not get there on time to heal him because as soon as the message arrived, Lazarus had already departed (it was two days’ travel between the two places).

Continue reading “The Life Opposed to Death”